Startup Entrepreneur Bootcamp: Presented by Tech Ranch

StarSpace46 and Tech Ranch are teaming up to bring you this special 2 hour Startup Entrepreneur Bootcamp.

Join us to get a crash course on the following topics:

  • The Entrepreneur’s Journey - Kevin & Russ share what the typical journey is like for a startup company and can share some stories and anecdotes about the journey

  • The Pitch (Tuning the pitch) - Learn the anatomy of what a proper pitch looks like and get tips on how to tune your pitch for maximum impact.

  • Financing (Seed/Angel, A Round, B Round) - Learn what the various funding stages are and the differences between the various stages and the impact each may have on your company.

  • What’s your company’s objective? (Go Public?, Stay Mid-sized?, Get Acquired?) - This is a very important question that most often is overlooked by startup companies. To understand what you need, you must first understand what you're trying achieve and grow into.

  • AMA “Ask Me Anything”