Where Does the Name StarSpace46 Come From?

When people visit our event and coworking spaces for the first time, they often ask where the name StarSpace46 originated. While the brand certainly conjures up images of exploring the galaxy and shooting off into the night sky, the inspiration is quite down-to-earth. The name was in fact chosen because, like the organization, it is distinctly Oklahoman.

Oklahoma was the 46th state admitted to the union. The original state flag, adopted in 1911, was bright red, taking cues from the state's own name. The term "Oklahoma" is a portmanteau of the Choctaw Indian words for people, "okla," and "humma," which means red. In the center of this original flag stood the number 46, framed by a proud white star and outlined in blue. 1923 would become a significant date in the Oklahoma history timeline, however, when the newly formed Soviet Union began using red flags to promote their regime.

By Mysid [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To avoid drawing unfavorable comparisons between communism and the 46th state, Oklahoma changed to the beautiful sky-blue version we know today. The modern Oklahoma flag design features an Osage shield crossed by two symbols of harmony: a Plains-style ceremonial pipe and a natural olive branch.  

In a nod to our state's history, the original "Star 46" flag has seen a resurgence in Oklahoma City, symbolizing a shift in attitudes with young people, business owners, and community leaders. The red "Star 46" flag can now be seen flying outside of houses, on license plates, adorning hats, and, for those deeply inspired the icon, tattooed on forearms. It has become a symbol of a do-it-yourself attitude and local pride, two qualities that are very important to the team at StarSpace46.

By xrmap flag collection 2.7. (File:Flag of Oklahoma.svg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

With an inclination towards supporting local craftspersons, artists, and businesses, the historic Star 46 flag now serves as a badge of honor for OKC's renaissance, and a rejection of the status quo. It indicates the need to rally and change the landscape, attracting more local businesses to stay and expand trade in our state. Also, to become active politically and make this an even better place to live and do business. We've intentionally stayed away from the use of the original red colors or the current state flag's blue colors to remain politically "neutral," and avoid any connotations of supporting conservative, liberal, or socialist ideas that the colors of the original flag may suggest to some.  


With roots in tech entrepreneurship and technologists, an intentional aeronautical theme was materialized for the branding to give an almost sci-fi feel and further remove any ties to political affiliations or leanings, while still offering the nod to the spirit of the "Star 46" movement. StarSpace46's inclusion of the number 46 and the star emblem is a demonstration of our commitment to being an active part of the renaissance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.