Member Spotlight: Komalty Content Strategies

Each month, StarSpace46 shines a spotlight on members who are making a difference in the community. Representing a wide variety of businesses and backgrounds, each member has a unique story to tell. If you are interested in sharing your experience at SS46, send your story to This month's story comes to us from Rodney Brazil of Komalty Content Strategies. 


After nearly a decade of holding down a corporate job while doing small, independent marketing work on the side, I decided to venture into the world of full-time freelancing. The concept of working on my own was exciting, but after years of earning reliable-yet-moderate income through traditional 8 to 5 employment, I needed lots of support to enter the elusive "gig economy." I reached out to my friend and colleague with whom I had collaborated in the past for help. She met me for coffee, a favorite freelancer pastime, and I told her about my business model and the initial goals for my new company, Komalty Content Strategies. She told me her own story of building her own marketing business and shared many of the lessons she learned along the way. She also insisted that I should check out StarSpace46.

I was already interested in co-working spaces but didn't know much, other than I would need to get this new business of mine out of my guest bedroom to make it grow. I was actively reaching out to potential clients from home, but it was easy to get sidetracked with making snacks, asking Alexa questions, and taking my dog on long, rambling, mid-day walks. I needed the focus provided by a designated workplace.


My colleague recommended StarSpace46 in particular, because of its reputation as a local hub for technical innovation and entrepreneurship. Since I operate primarily in the digital marketing space, sharing an office with software developers and burgeoning local upstarts might be an excellent place to network with other people on similar journeys. She couldn't have been more right.

Within my first three months of co-working at StarSpace46, I spoke with more than 40 business leaders and tech professionals from Oklahoma and beyond, all at different stages of the upstart pipeline. While participating in community events hosted in the Techlahoma workspace, I met inspiring people from diverse industries, including manufacturing, film-making, software development, UX design, and the financial sector. The connections I made through StarSpace46 led to new clients, new mentors, and even a couple of speaking engagements.

My business has tripled since I became a member at StarSpace46 and continues to expand. The invaluable education, support, and networking opportunities gained from my membership have been a big part of that growth. Positioned in the middle of the OKC metro, my clients love coming on-site for meetings, with easy access from anywhere in the area. I love the extra focus that comes from operating my business in an innovative workplace, as opposed to cafes and libraries. The creative, collaborate atmosphere keeps me motivated, and I would recommend a membership to anyone from any industry looking for an innovative place to grow.