Member Spotlight: Verge Law Group

Each month, StarSpace46 shines a spotlight on members who are making a difference in the community. Representing a wide variety of businesses and backgrounds, each member has a unique story to tell. If you are interested in sharing your experience at SS46, send your story to This month's we share the story of Matt Jones, Business and Real Estate Attorney at Verge Law Group, P.C.


Before launching Verge Law Group, Matt Jones felt like a cog in the machine of a mid-sized law firm: “It was less than thrilling,” Jones describes. After careful consideration, he decided to branch out, and create a type of business that filled a specific need in the Oklahoma City landscape. “I want to revolutionize how entrepreneurs and startups can get great legal counsel. The legal industry is inefficient, cumbersome, antiquated, and not set up to serve entrepreneurs well. I want to change that. I started representing a venture capital firm out of San Francisco early in my career and worked on deals in traditional startup communities. I saw the same types of deals begin to surface in OKC, so I knew I could carve out a niche here exclusively serving the startup and entrepreneur ecosystem.”

The term “verge” can mean a variety of things. It sometimes refers to an extreme limit that, if crossed, will lead to a significant change of action. Verge can also refer to the act of getting uncommonly close something important. Both of these definitions are suitable for describing the work that Jones, a business and real estate attorney, does at Verge Law Group. “Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to the flourishing of our community through the legal work we do for entrepreneurs and businesses,” Jones explains. “We hope our community is a better place as a result of how we operate our firm and the value we add to the creative business leaders shaping its future.”

Matt Jones of Verge Law Group

Matt Jones of Verge Law Group

Verge Law Group specializes in internet and online business law, social entrepreneurship, and intellectual property rights, areas of particular importance to those trying to navigate the digital business world. Other areas of expertise include contracts, mergers and acquisitions, registrations, and licensing, legal realms that impact all businesses large and small. This background gave Jones an immediate sense of familiarity at StarSpace46. After attending a number of events, he knew this would be an excellent place to help his business flourish. “SS46 sets the stage for daily interactions with entrepreneurs and creative business leaders. Being present in the most vibrant and active entrepreneur hub in this area has further solidified my position as a leading attorney in our city for startups and entrepreneurs,” he said.   

I asked Matt to tell me the most unexpected benefit that has grown out of his membership at StarSpace46. The answer was simple: “The ability to collaborate on deals outside the scope of legal services with like-minded community builders.” He believes that for businesses to succeed, they must build a team of experts, and continually develop that core group. That’s why the infrastructure of Verge Law Group was deliberately designed to give maximum value to businesses by facilitating a team relationship with each and every client.