Member Spotlight: Hope Briggs

Each month, StarSpace46 shines a spotlight on members who are making a difference in the coworking community. Representing a wide variety of startups and backgrounds, each member has a unique story to share. If you are interested in talking about your experience at SS46, send your story to This month we share the biography of Hope Briggs, principal at CHB Services and a member since 2017.

While startups are known for changing the way that people do business, there are some aspects of any operation that will always be part of the equation. Bookkeeping is one of those critical segments. Proper bookkeeping not only keeps your business in compliance with government regulations but also provides incredible insights into profits, opportunities, and scalability. Hope Briggs, principal at CHB Services, knows this first hand, having played a variety of financial and bookkeeping roles in many business sectors.

Hope decided to start her bookkeeping company after a ten-year stint in the healthcare industry. Just before venturing out on her own, she was a financial coordinator in a medical transplant facility, navigating the world of insurance companies, patients, and a never-ending carousel of medical records.  “I began my business as a way to be able to spend more time with my family,” Hope said. “Healthcare never stops, and I desperately needed more flexibility. StarSpace46 wanted to provide additional fractional services, and it seemed like it would be a good fit.”


As a leading hub for entrepreneurs in Central Oklahoma, the membership at StarSpace46 includes lots of business owners, some that operate multiple startups. Hope’s company, CHB Services, plays a part in helping members keep their financial records in order, so they can better keep track of the bottom line. “My main priority is to give small businesses peace of mind. Generally, start-ups need someone that is financially oriented, but lack the resources to have a full-time employee in that role,” she pointed out. By offering fractional services, she meets the needs of many small businesses on a daily basis.  

In some ways, Hope was a part of the family before she became a member. Her husband, Caleb Briggs, was already operating his business from an office at StartSpace46. “He felt that I would be able to do the aspects of accounting that I most enjoyed and SS46 would be able to meet the needs of its members better.” Hope emphasized that SS46 has been a “key component” for her company. Soon after becoming a member, word started to spread about the bookkeeping services she had available, and then the new clients came knocking.

While helping business owners balance their books is a big part of Hope’s mission, this financial expert isn’t all work and no play. Several times a month, coworking members do a little mid-day networking and pick a place to meet up for a bite to eat. This group outing is lovingly referred to as the family lunch. “The most enjoyable unexpected benefit of being a member is family lunch,” Hope offered. “By attending family lunch, I have been able to sit down and meet other members and try tons of local restaurants.”