Financial Rewards of Coworking

Coworking is about more than networking and having a great WiFi connection. Getting a membership at a shared office like StarSpace46 puts money back in your pocket, as well. Whether you are an independent contractor with a loud roommate at home, or an entrepreneur looking to keep overhead costs low, here are the top ways that a coworking membership makes your billable hours more cost-efficient and highly productive.

Save Your Coffee Allowance

Coffee shops and tea houses have long been home to freelancers across the globe. Open internet connections and an endless supply of caffeine make corner cafes a perfect fit for productivity. However, most coffee shops will kick you out if you don’t buy something, some stickler baristas even requiring one purchase per hour of table time. At $4 per drink and $4 per pastry, that could cost you up to $10 per hour after tip. Tucking into a corner table for even 20 hours a week working on a part-time project could take nearly $800 out of your pocket over the course of a month. That doesn’t leave much left on a $1500 contract. With a coworking membership, you don’t have to pay hourly for your desk time, and you can make your own coffee whenever you need a boost. StarSpace46 even offers free Red Bull, if you can get to the cooler fast enough.

80 Coffee Shop Hours Per Month = $800
Full-Time Monthly Flex Membership at SS46 = $200
Total Savings = $600


Downgrade Your Mobile Data Plan

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers work seven days a week. This usually means working from all sorts of odd places, like hotel rooms, client offices, park benches, and Target parking lots. Using your phone as a mobile hotspot may give you 4G speeds anywhere you roam but can add wild overage fees to your monthly bill. After you hit your limit, some companies charge $15 for every 1 GB of download. That’s, like, one half of what you would need to download The Sandlot on Amazon Prime. Two extra gigs of data every month for a year will cost you a cool $360.

Have unlimited data? It’s likely that your provider throttles your download speeds after a certain threshold, which can be a big pain if you have a Skype conference on the last day of the month. Getting a monthly membership at a coworking space gives you unlimited access to a top-speed business internet connection. Which means that product pitch on Google Hangouts can last as long as you need.


Limit Food Delivery Fees

That apartment way out on the outskirts of the city in a quiet family friendly neighborhood might seem like a bargain, but how many miles is it to the nearest taco truck? Software developers and techies know that time is money, and can’t always take the time to get away from the computer to pick up lunch. Or dinner. Or that 10 PM just-keep-going-till-its-done snack. If you live in a residential area, that could mean hefty food delivery fees each month. Five meals a week at $10 per delivery will set you back $200 per month. StarSpace46 is centrally located, with dozens of restaurants that delivery downtown for free. You’ll also find free lunch served at many of the Techlahoma events, plus perks like free bagels on Thursdays at stand-up, and free Angry Scottsman beer at special events.

Eliminate Lunch Meetings

Oh, lunch meetings. Few things have more potential to go wrong than sitting across the table from a client, pitching a big idea while eating. “So you see, my app will increase ROI by 3000% because...” Splat! Queso on the pantalones. With a business membership at StarSpace46, you get hours of access to contemporary conference rooms decked out with monitors, whiteboards, and outlets for charging. Cranky server not included. You get a professional, focused environment to meet with clients, and you don’t have to pick up the $50 lunch tab. Eliminating one lunch meeting every week or so could save you more than $1,800 per year.

Full-Time Flex Membership at SS46 for One Year = $2,400
15 Coffee Shop Hours Saved Per Month for One Year - $1,800
No Data Overages for a Year - $360
20 Free Food Deliveries Per Month for One Year - $2,400
4 Lunch Meetings Saved Per Month for One Year = $1,800
Net Savings = $3,960

Coworking memberships at StarSpace46 offer all these benefits, and many more. Check out our options online, or click here to book a tour today.