Tyc00n Software Turns Big Ideas into Profitable Applications

Each month, we spotlight one of our members who is making a difference in the coworking community. Representing a wide variety of startups and backgrounds, each member has a unique story to share. If you are interested in talking about your experience at SS46, send your story to info@starspace46.com. This month we share the story of Tyc00n Software owner, Caleb Briggs.

The aim of Tyc00n Software, an OKC-based development firm, is simple: Turning your tech ideas into a real solution. Led by local entrepreneur Caleb Briggs, the company uses cutting edge technology to solve real word problems for clients. Tyc00n’s team uses the latest tools to create mobile apps and other software programs. They work to solve real-world problems that businesses are facing and give innovative new ideas the best chance of success.

Caleb Briggs started out after college as a drilling and completions consultant, spending three years in the field for companies such as Conoco Philips and Chesapeake Energy. But eventually, he was drawn to the world of software development. “In 2009 I started building software at Ninecollective where we built an online high school sports web application to bring articles and blogs and scores and rankings to all 50 U.S. states,” Briggs said. “We also built a web-based oilfield service company ERP solution and a communications platform that also had several mobile components.”


While contributing to those successful projects, the idea to venture out on his own seemed like an obvious choice. “After a short stint in 2016 rearchitecting the Integris patient portal platform, I decided to build my own software company to help other companies and entrepreneurs get their ideas built and their problems solved.”

So Tyc00n Software was born, with a goal to build the future. Specialties include working with Node.js, AWS, JavaScript, ASP, Git, and more. Businesses also turn to the team for scaling infrastructures and software consulting. Even after two years in operation, Briggs’ impact continues to grow. “I was just accepted into the EO Accelerator program which should help us scale up and has been really good thus far.”

“StarSpace has been a great place to start my company and get us out of the house as well as allow networking with other companies, many who need the service we provide,” Briggs affirmed. “I’ve been involved with Techlahoma from the start.” Through a previous role at Ninecollective, he helped sponsor lunch for a number of meetups, at The 404, OKC Cocoa, and eventually at StarSpace46. His favorite aspect of coworking at SS46 is access to input from other members of the tech community. “Just friendships with the people who work here as well as bouncing ideas off people who are not even a part of our company.”