Collaboration and meeting space to spark creativity at your team’s next offsite event. 

Business memberships offer companies and teams who have offices of their own and chance to come and enjoy our flexible workspaces and meeting rooms as additional offsite resources. With three levels of membership, you can sign up for exactly what will benefit your team the most. This is perfect for companies who wish to have occasional team or company off-sites or a place to host a town hall or company event. 

With access to our flexible shared spaces and lounge, team members can get away from the hectic distractions of the main office for a few hours of focus. Business memberships also give your team access to our up-to-date calendar of StarSpace46 events, with networking opportunities and training workshops scheduled every week. The included conference room time is perfect for off-site brainstorming, job interviews, annual planning sessions, and more. 



  • Access to Flex Spaces and Lounge 
  • Conference Room Reservations 
  • Access to Kitchen
  • Access to Community Spaces
  • Access to StarSpace46 Member Communications and Resource Directory
  • Access to StarSpace46 Events
  • WIFI

*  Additional flex space acces, conference room, and event space plans available upon request.




Star Membership
Ask about price!

  • 30 Day Passes
  • Conference Room Reservations (40 Hours)

Gold Membership
Ask about price!

  • 20 Day Passes 
  • Conference Room Reservations (40 Hours)

Silver Membership
Ask about price!

  • 12 Day Passes
  • Conference Room Reservations
    (40 Hours) 



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